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Type the commands below into the message input of Zv~1 IRC to activate the options. (For Zv~1 Only)
/afk Activates the AFK Bot. (Away From Keyboard) To let people know you'll be back.
/back Tells people you're back, after using BRB.
/brb Lets people know you'll be away from the keyboard. NO BOT.
/buddy add Start and add to your buddy list.
/buddy clear Clears your Buddy List.
/buddy off Turns your Buddy List off.
/buddy on Activates your Buddy List.
/buddy send Sends a private message to everyone on your buddy list who's online.
/close Closes framed options like, SurfChat, MailChat, Join, /more, & /list.
/help Shows you a list of commands.
/hi Says hello to room.
/ignore Ignore someone.
/list Shows you a list of CajNet Rooms.
/mail Activates MailChat, send mail from chat.
/more Shows you this list of command descriptions.
/online Let someone know you're online and what room you're in!
/potty Tells the room what they don't need to know.
/radio Shows list of radio stations.
/radio country Listen to online country radio.
/radio hiphop Listen to online Hip Hop radio.
/radio jazz Listen to online Jazz radio.
/radio oldies Listen to online Oldies radio.
/radio rock Listen to online Rock radio.
/radio talk Listen to online Talk/News radio.
/surf Activate SurfChat feature, surf the web while chatting!
/join Change rooms/servers.
/text Change the color of the chat text.
/time Shows the time and date.
/welcome welcomes a user to the channel.
/where Tell you what room you're in. In case you forget.
/who Shows list of who is in room.
/whois Find if someone is online.