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Z's Chat

Zv~1 Ops List

Type the commands below into the message input of Zv~1 IRC to activate the options. (For Zv~1 Only)
/afk Activates the Z's AFK Bot. (Away From Keyboard) To let people know you'll be back.
back Tells people you're back, after using BRB.
brb Lets people know you'll be away from the keyboard. NO BOT.
/buddy add Start and add to your buddy list.
/buddy clear Clears your Buddy List.
/buddy off Turns your Buddy List off.
/buddy on Activates your Buddy List.
/buddy send Sends a private message to everyone on your buddy list who's online.
/close Closes framed options like, SurfChat, MailChat, Switch.
/find Finds if someone is online.
/help Shows you a list of commands.
/id Send information about this IRC.
/mail Activates MailChat, send mail from chat.
/online Let someone know you're online and what room you're in!
/pm Activates the Whisper Panel.
/radio Shows list of radio stations.
/radio country Listen to online country radio.
/radio hiphop Listen to online Hip Hop radio.
/radio jazz Listen to online Jazz radio.
/radio oldies Listen to online Oldies radio.
/radio rock Listen to online Rock radio.
/radio talk Listen to online Talk/News radio.
/surf Activate SurfChat feature, surf the web while chatting!
/switch Change rooms/servers.
/text Change the color of the chat text.
/time Shows the time and date.
/where Tell you what room you're in. Incase you forget.
/who Shows list of who is in room.
/whois Gives whois information. (CajNet only)

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